Thumbnail High Speed Sync

High Speed Sync and How It Works

Why High Speed Sync? To understand high speed sync, we need to understand how shutters work. Most camera shutters are two curtains that open and close. I know there are some cameras with a leaf shutter but that is for a different lesson. At speeds slower than 1/125th, or 1/60th depending on your camera, the […]


Product Review – Vanguard VEO Tripod

Today on the Slanted Lens, we’re going to review the new tripod by Vanguard. It’s a 265CB VEO tripod. It’s a travel tripod and it’s a really great product. So let’s take a look at some of the features. The height is 15.38 inches when it’s folded up. That makes this a really easy tripod […]

Trends July Full Show

Trends from the Trenches – July 2015

The year is half over but there is plenty to talk about on this month’s Trends from the Trenches. Jay P and Lars are excited about last month’s announcement for the Sony A7r II that will shoot 42 mega pixel photos and 4K video. More news from the photo/video world include announcements from GoPro, Instagram […]

Thumbnail Freezing Action

Freezing Action with Strobes

Today on the Slanted Lens, we’re going to show you how to freeze action with strobes, not high speed sync, but freezing action with monoblocks in normal flash mode.


Product Review – ONA Brixton Bag

Today on the Slanted Lens I’m going to be reviewing the Brixton Bag by ONA. I saw this bag when we were over at Samy’s. They make a great line of bags and backpacks. They sent me this one and I was very interested to see what it was like. This bag is a very […]


Learning How to Feather Soft Boxes

Today on the Slanted Lens we are going to look at how to gain more control of your light and more specifically, your soft box, by using a technique called feathering.


Trends from the Trenches – June 2015

This month on Trends from the Trenches, Jay P tells Lars what he saw at CineGear and the two discuss announcements and rumors from the photography world. Your questions get answered and the guys critique some fan-submitted photos. What does Ken want to talk about? Scanning old pictures and transparencies into a digital format. Finally, […]

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