Industrial Portraits

Today on the Slanted Lens we’re back out at the SKB Factory shooting an industrial portrait. It’s one of the assignments that can go really easy or really hard. So let’s get started and see what we can do. When I say industrial portrait, it’s not a lifestyle portrait. It’s not a documentary style portrait. […]

Thumbnail Syrp2

Syrp Genie & Genie Mini Hands-On Review

Syrp is just about to release the Genie Mini as an addition to it’s family of motion control devices but I got my hands on one early to test it out and share with all of you. I have had the opportunity to use the Mini by itself and with the full-size Genie for a dozen or more time lapse photography shoots in the past few weeks and I was really impressed with the outcome.


Simple Headshots

Today on the Slanted Lens, we’re going to show how to get simple headshots with just one hour, one light, and one reflector. So here we are. We’re heading off to a friend of mine, Tanya’s. She needs a headshot for her real estate business. She’s been asking me for a while to do this […]

Full Show August

Trends from the Trenches – August 2015

This month’s Trends from the Trenches comes a week early because Lars is going to Salt Lake to shoot a movie. But don’t worry there’s still plenty to talk about! Panasonic is coming out with 3 new cameras one of which is a DVX200 with 4K. There’s a new site-http://canibringmyselfiestick.com/-that tells you where you can […]


Product Review – Vanguard VEO Tripod

Today on the Slanted Lens, we’re going to review the new tripod by Vanguard. It’s a 265CB VEO tripod. It’s a travel tripod and it’s a really great product. So let’s take a look at some of the features. The height is 15.38 inches when it’s folded up. That makes this a really easy tripod […]

Thumbnail High Speed Sync

High Speed Sync and How It Works

Why High Speed Sync? To understand high speed sync, we need to understand how shutters work. Most camera shutters are two curtains that open and close. I know there are some cameras with a leaf shutter but that is for a different lesson. At speeds slower than 1/125th, or 1/60th depending on your camera, the […]

Trends July Full Show

Trends from the Trenches – July 2015

The year is half over but there is plenty to talk about on this month’s Trends from the Trenches. Jay P and Lars are excited about last month’s announcement for the Sony A7r II that will shoot 42 mega pixel photos and 4K video. More news from the photo/video world include announcements from GoPro, Instagram […]

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