I Lost My Keys!

Andy Dick - Head in Fishbowl

We shot this image of Andy Dick for Comedy Central. It was part of a print and video campaign. It was a very simple set up. We welded a metal structure with a cross beam. Andy put on a pair of gravity boots and hung upside down. He was a little freaked out at first but got use to it after a while. He said that it was not too bad if he lowered himself into the water and then inhaled the water into his nose. I did place a hammer next to the fish bowl in case he had to break it if he needed to get out. It inspired a lot of confidence when I said, Andy if you get stuck grab the hammer and break the glass. Every fish bowel we found was too small for his head so we had one made.

The lighting was very simple. We had a soft box on camera right and a fill card on camera left. The background had four heads on it. Each side had a stand with two heads on it. One up on the stand and one down on a bogen clamp. The two heads were plugged into the same pack. This gave us a very white and even back ground. We would shoot and then take a break. The glasses were fake, so in some shoots you could see the fish swimming through where the glass should have been. There is a ā€œVā€ on the drawing saying back to floor and I have no idea what it means. Perhaps it means that we were bouncing light back at the floor. I kept the soft box up front high so it would not put a reflection over his face. This was a great shoot. We did it in still and then shot it in video with a Panavision camera and 53 mm film. Fun, fun.


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