Shooting Digital Black & White: A Lighting Tutorial

The art of shooting Black and White Photography has changed with the introduction of digital cameras. Many people convert their images to Black and White in the post process but very few shoot with Black and White in mind from the beginning. This lesson focuses on shooting digital Black and White images, giving tips and ways to focus on that thought in the camera, not the computer. In the end, it is a conversion process in Photoshop or Silver Effects. But you will create better Black and White images if you shoot with Black and White in mind from the beginning.
Good luck and keep on click-in! Jay P. Morgan


  1. R. Mullen says

    Thank you for this video! Useful information, well-presented. Subtle advertising,–this is how to generate equipment lust!! Caught myself thinking not just “I want one of those!” but also “Wow! Can’t wait to try that!!”

  2. says

    Nice piece Jay. The shirt change suggestion was great in the example image. The video gives me some new views on black and white – thanks!


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