Tamron Lens Giveaway

Another Gear Giveaway from TheSlantedLens.com

Hot on the heels of our last successful giveaway (HD-2000 hand-held camera stabilizer), we at The Slanted Lens wanted to do another one. So, we scoured the interwebs for great items to give away. Among the interested parties (hint: more giveaways to come) were the good people at Tamron who jumped on the chance to give away one of their best lenses, the Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD zoom lens ($1300 Value). Very gracious if you ask us! I personally shoot with this lens and you will hear how much I love it in our next three videos.

So, that said, one of you photographers are going to win this lens! But before I tell you how (there are lots of ways to enter, see below) I want to fill you in on the lens’ specs, so you can start to drool a little.

Tamron's SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD Model A007To start us off, Tamron’s SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD zoom is the world’s ONLY full-frame fast aperture standard zoom equipped with built-in image stabilization.

Even when shooting in low-light conditions with a slow shutter speed, Tamron’s acclaimed VC (Vibration Compensation) allows for both a steady viewfinder display and stable handheld camera work to render sharp images.

To achieve resolution at the top of its class, the lens uses specialized high-performance optical configuration with three LD elements, three Glass Molded Aspherical Lenses, one Hybrid Aspherical Lens and two XR (Extra Refractive Index) elements.

Using a rounded 9-blade diaphragm, the lens achieves gorgeous blur (Bokeh) effects. It also features Tamron’s USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) system to power a speedy AF drive, Full-Time Manual (FTM) continuous manual focus mechanism, and moisture-resistant construction to help prevent water from penetrating the lens.

So, cool that it was voted Best Lens of the Year by EISA 2012-2013.

To see the full specs for this lens, a 3d pic & picture quality, please visit Tamron.

How to win the Tamron SP 24-70mm

Excited? Well, here’s how to win this beauty. Below is an app. Simply enter your email to let us know who you are and then find as many actions you feel comfortable with completing (For example, we don’t want you to feel obligated to subscribe to our Facebook Page if it’s going to keep you up at night.). Some actions you can come back and do daily, like tweeting about the giveaway, and sharing it with your Facebook friends. Open to U.S. Residents only. Let the giveaway begin! Good luck!

EISA Award: Best Product 2012-2013 Tamron SP 24-70mm F 2.8 VC USD Model 007

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Note: If you have your own photography blog, feel free to embed this app and give your readers a little fun. You can even earn some entries for doing this (see the Blog About Tamron & Link to this Giveaway entry in the app above)!


      • Menelik Obegolu says

        Hi J.P. Morgan I would like to make a withdrawal haha that’s a pretty interesting name, I gotta say I love your videos man I just found out about them is early morning something said click on your video about the different types of lighting and then I when on the click on your strobist video, your format for your video tutorials is amazing I found it so easy to understand it was a bit like lynda but free haha, I left this comment as you know so I may be enter in to win this lens, I could really use this lens for all the inner city youth that come to our open mic at our community center in Hartford ,CT called Kabbalah House a lot of the ppl that come through our door have talent just waiting to be recorded and portfolio shot to be snapped I want this lens for the sole purpose of giving back to the community because photography is really the only skill I have right now that can really help people Thank You for offering this prize my your blessing multiple :) Blessed Love Menelik

    • David Noll says

      Before buying my full frame cameras I used 2 Nikon d300’s cameras.. I had a 90mm f/2.8 tamron lens at that time. I concidered it to be one of my sharpest and most useful lens, equal to my nikkors. I can’t hardly wait to get a chance to try the new 24-70 mm lens against my OLD nikon 24-70 mm. If I win I’ll have to do a comparison and let you know what I feel about this new Tamron. But I already suspect I’ll be selling my nikkor by what I have been reading about this lens.

    • says

      Agreed. We just got this lens at the church that I work at for our DSLR video work, and I can’t wait to use it (it will be here on Monday). I’d love to have one for myself, though. 😀

    • Leo says

      Haha for me right now there is no Sigma equivalent anymore because it broke. I guess Tamoron would perform better there.
      Now that it’s spring I’d love to take some nice pictures of birds. Hand held having well performing VC would be great.

    • chris caraway says

      This lens is definitely an upgrade to anything I have in my camera bag. It’ll probably be my go to lens.

  1. stefan says

    I do a lot of sports photography and at f2.8 the tamron is fast enough to catch the action, and 24-70mm it will be a very versatile. I can’t wait to shoot with it!

  2. stefan says

    I do a lot of sports photography and at f2.8 the tamron is fast enough to catch the action, and 24-70mm it will be very versatile. I can’t wait to shoot with it!

  3. Adam Bolt says

    After watching your videos I’m learning more and more to blend ambient with strobe and to keep watch of the direction of the shadows so it all looks natural. Thanks again for another great video on this technique

  4. diane says

    I am not a photographer but I know a talented man who’s eager to get his hands on this beauty. My boyfriend is starting photography and I would want this lens so he can practice shooting. He has talent and he’s driven to capture images that last a life time while creating beautiful memories. Once he receives this lens, he will share his talents with the world.

  5. Jeremy Stoutamyer says

    I have just recently found out about The Slanted lens and am very pleased with the quality and information in your videos. As a student in the digital media field this would be a great lens to use for video with the VC. Keep the great videos coming.

  6. says

    This is great! Tamron is really stepping up their game. Just checked out the new 70-200 2.8 VC and was blown away, moved that to the top of my list but the 24-70 would be an amazing addition as well

  7. Laura says

    I’d love to win it. You can never have too many lens (though I think I took too many to the zoo, my shoulder still hurts).

  8. says

    Nice promotion, although not a fan of the rafflecopter and all the crap they want try to get people to do. I think it tarnishes your brand, at least the brand image I had in my mind before all the product placement, commercials, and promotions. If it gets any worse, I will have to unsubscribe from YouTube.

  9. says

    I love the feeling of holding a professionlly built lens, especially the move from the standard kit lens (18-55 mm f3.5 to 5.6).
    i currently have a 18-55mm, 50mm f1.8 and planning to get a 70-300 f4-5.6.

    This 24-70 f2.8 (I love the constant aperture lenses) would be a great addition to my arsenal ( :-) )

  10. Peter Selchau says

    Hi… i really need since i’ve been asked to shoot a friends wedding! And it is my first so it would be soooo awesome to have the best 24-70 currently on the marked! I’ve have a well used 28-75 but it is really well used and is in need of a replacement!

  11. Andre-An Ly says

    I hope I win this lens! Im helping a photographer shoot a wedding soon so hopefully this lens will help me get really good pictures :) plus I need a better zoom lens to add to my collection of prime lenses.

  12. Hezam says

    Great Opportunity for all photographers and videographers! Personally I want this lens for a push in my photography career, i owned a previous tamron lens for about 2 years, still working perfectly fine!

  13. Justin says

    I shoot a lot of conventions and this Tamron lens would be a perfect mid-length lens to have around for it.

  14. Kevin says

    If I win this lens, it will help me document my trip to China because I am starting an organization for Children in China in the rural areas. Documenting their conditions will allow me to educate people on the conditions these children face.

  15. says

    I’m stuck with primes, still saving up for a 24-70 2.8…. would help me SOOOOO much! So cool that you are having a giveaway!

  16. says

    Built in image stabilization on a 24-70mm is a great feature. This is an awesome lens and an awesome giveaway. Thank you for creating the very educational videos and helping so many photographers.

  17. says

    I’ve rented this lens to use for a wedding. I was the second shooter and I had it mounted on my 7D. I fell in love with this lens

  18. Nancy says

    My daughter and I share gear; we shoot pictures for a therapeutic horseback riding program, and would love to use this lens!

  19. Tammy Kadish says

    at 45 years old i finely found what makes me happy -photography!learning and trying non stop . would love the lens

  20. Jack Hourguettes says

    I recently had an opportunity to use the 24-20 lens. I immedately fell in love with it. Wide range of f-stops gives it a broad range
    versality. A great iten is you in your photograhy tool bay. Outstanding piece of equipment to have in your tool box.

  21. says

    When I made the digital switch Tamron was the first lens I purchased. I’ve since purchased lenses from other manufacturers and none deliver the same look and feel of a Tamron lens. The Tamron 2.8 28-75mm has been my go to lens for years and the only way you could pry it out of my hands is by upgrading me to the 24-70. Even then you might loose a finger while making the switch.

  22. says

    I shoot TONS of handheld 5D footage as a documentary filmmaker. My favorite lens is the Canon 24-70mm BUT the image vibration is annoying as possible, even with my steady hands. I hate using rigs for stabilization so I tend to not use the lens as much as I wish I could. This Tamron lens would be the PERFECT replacement/go-to lens with the image stabilization, same f2.8 and range as the Canon. Gimme dat lens!

  23. Jim Nichols says

    I’ve had a few Tamron lenses on my Amazon wish list for awhile now. This would be a great one to have in my camera bag!

  24. says

    I really like the vc aspect possibilities. I live in Orange County, Ca and the first thing I’ll shoot if i win is waves and rocks, local sea life, at Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Crystal Cove state park. Gets a little breezy down on the coast, the vc will greatly assist

  25. says

    Would love to shoot with this lens. i do not have any higher-end lenses, and this would be a great lens to shoot with both portrait, and landscape. Also some night shots which I love, especially in the rain, or just wet out after a rain. This would also be a better alternative to an “L” series lens which I believe are to high priced.

  26. says

    My first lens was and still is a Tamron 18-200 that I had bought in 2006. One of the best lens and still used today. It is on my camera when I do my travels. A good around lens.
    Now if I win the Tamron 24-70mm new lens. I will be jumping with joy. But I would do more glamor and portrait shoots. Love taking pictures.
    check out some of my work on FB DoelGonzalezPhotography. Just used the Tamron on my NYC trip. Enjoy.

  27. marcel says

    This is awesome hope that I win. First thing I will do is get all my neices together and do some serious outdoor portraits :)

  28. Tyler Walker says

    I am just getting into photography and have never used a Tamron but I am definitely interested. I have a project coming up to do a photo shoot with all of the costumes in my dance teams costume warehouse. This is the first thing I would use this lens for.

  29. Tiffany says

    I think I would really like to do something similar to Humans of New York, instead of showing the people of New York I would like to show people the hidden treasures that New York itself holds, and when I do travel other places as well.

  30. Karen Wyche says

    Thank you for the great video. I already own one Tamron lens; I am excited to add the 24-70 to my photography journey.

  31. Justin Morgan says

    Really excited about this lens! The first thing I’ll probably shoot is the house that we just bought!

  32. Mark says

    I owned a Tamron 70-200 2.8 for about a year. I LOVED that lens. Then we had some financial issues and I had to sell it. I was never able to purchase a new one. This would be like a dream.

  33. oscar says

    The best experience I have is with my Tamron 70-300mm which I use to shoot my daughter’s soccer games with. The reach is great and so is the sharpness! I’d love to win this 20-70

  34. Misael says

    Great tutorial as always. Love the effect the strobe has making the model pop.
    Great lens. I use the Tamron 90mm 2.8 and love it!

  35. Josh Tang says

    I always find your tutorials a refreshing way of experimenting with different photographic techniques. I would love to win the 24-70 Tamron lens!

  36. David Perez says

    The first thing I’m going to shoot my son is 10 months with a wooden wheelbarrow handmade by a great friend.

  37. Jody says

    The first thing I would shoot with this beautiful Tamron lens, if I won, are portraits of my two young children.

  38. Jess Glass says

    No!! Not another lens for my wish list. :)
    Really looking forward to trying out this lens. It looks like a great bit of kit!

  39. David says

    I would love to actually own a lens with vibration reduction, that would sure make shooting video a drastically better experience.

  40. Shannon says

    Definitely my babies taking naps, the lighting is never worth it and it’s such a beautiful shot!

  41. Jakob says

    With that lens I would go out and make an immediately night shoot. My Kit-Lens isn’t the best for it.

  42. says

    I would love love love this lens and it would absolutely perfect for my newborn shoots and weddings. I would kill for this lens lol. Hope I win since I never win anything haha.

  43. Andrew says

    First thing I’d shoot with the Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 if I won one would be a self-portrait… of how STOKED I WOULD BE!

  44. says

    The first lens I bought was a Tamron 18-270mm. It was fantastic on my crop sensor DSLR. And now Tamron is giving away a 24-70 lens….. would be mighty nice to have :-)

  45. says

    I own and love my SP Tamron 17-50mm 2.8! I use it all the time for event photo work. Being able to add the SP 24-70mm 2.8 to my bag, I would use it to shoot more fashion work.

  46. Carlos Moran says

    Hope to win this to replace the 24-105 f4L, read quite a few reviews that make this lens a lot better than the cannon.

  47. Brittany Mahady says

    I want this lense so bad! I would use it for my photography job as well as the short films I plan to shoot over the summer! I am dying for a new lense and cannot afford a great one!! :)

  48. Chris Helms says

    I’m going to be asking for this Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC at work (as well as the 70-200), so it would be great to be able to have one for my personal gear as well! I’ve heard and read amazing things about this lens.

  49. pulasthi says

    Already have a tamron 28-75, almost use every day for every situation, one hell of a lens.

  50. says

    Awesome giveaway here; I would love to win this. The first thing I would photograph would probably be the box that it came in, since I would be too excited to do something better than that.

  51. says

    this is sick lens that could definitely add a punch to my d800. i really love photographing people and this would be perfect for that.

  52. Tien says

    Always wanted to know if the lens was good enough for a pro to use and this site was my answer! Thanks!

  53. S Kimura says

    I don’t yet own a Tamron, but I’m looking to make it my next purchase. A fellow amateur photographer uses it with her Nikon, I own a Canon, and she likes her Tamron and recommended it. I believe she owns a 28-300mm which allows her to not to have to change out lots of lenses. I admit I love prime lenses, but they are expensive and there are times when a variable focal length lens is the way to go.

  54. Wilson L says

    Cant wait to try out this lens. Everyone’s been raving about how this just tramples the canon 24-70 I and almost approaches II for half the price!

  55. says

    I’ve been a freelance wedding shooter since 1972 (no kidding). I currently work as a state government photographer in New Mexico. Last summer while photographing my niece’s wedding I got some great images of her smooching her new husband at the alter. She really hammed it up, probably for the benefit of her uncle the wedding photographer. Loved the shots, taken with a Tamron 17-50 XRDi lens. A great lens that I’ve used for years.
    Cheers, Ron K.

  56. daniel hovet says

    I could really use this lens for my portrait work. I’ve tried this lens on my friend camera and it was so cool! i really want to own this lens and will recommend to my co workers.

  57. Chris Reyes says

    I could really use a 24-70mm lens to round out my zooms as I only have a wide-angle zoom and a telephoto zoom lens at present.
    It would be of additional use to me to have a lens that has image stabilization, as I do not currently own any lenses with this feature at present.

  58. Jonah says

    Really good tutorial.. spectacular location and images! Love learning about strobes behind the scenes like this!

  59. says

    I’m a wedding and portrait photographer that could use a mid-range zoom… the Tamron looks like a great one at that. I would use it predominantly during ceremonies and receptions.

  60. Shane says

    I used to own the Tamron 28-70 f/2.8 lens and I really loved it. I would love to try this new version!

  61. Mate Kiss says

    Awesome! I’d shoot a lot of awesome stuff. Right now I have no zoom lens at all, just a couple of $100 primes, so it would be really awesome to get it.

  62. Corbin says

    I don’t think I would ever take this off my camera. It seems to me like it would be the perfect lens. Can’t wait to win!

  63. YL says

    I’ve never shot with a Tamron, but I’m definitely curious to find out how it compares to Canon lenses.

  64. Jimmy Arcade says

    The first thing I’m going to shoot when I win the Tamron lens is a night shot that I have a vision for, involving my beloved wife, a couple of sparklers, and some low ambient light.

  65. says

    A Tamron zoom was my first lend. I bought it used at the B&H store in downtown manhattan. I was 16 years old and in such awe at the store that I could barely speak. I just said the words “zoom. lens. for. canon. body” and let the employees do the rest. That lens served me for 4 years and I shot with it exclusively all though highschool and into college. It now needs to be retired because of so much ware and tear from my teeenage years. Now I’m a budding professional and require a new lens that can fill the shoes of my beloved tamron 18-200. :)

  66. Rob says

    It’s a great lens and with VC it offers something my camera brand lens doesn’t. Would love to use this as my go-to lens.

  67. Andrew says

    a friend of mine has this lens and i have lens envy and i must say what a terrible feeling that is… please, stop lens envy and grant this hopeful kid a chance to take wonderful photos

  68. Steven says

    I have a 28-70mm f/2.8 Tokina lens, but it’s from a diferent era. I’m expecting this lens to focus faster and be sharper, not least because of its vibration compensation feature.

  69. Omega says

    This is a great lens to work with..i have seen it in action plenty of times,
    definitely a must have!

  70. ben says

    I could really use this lense at my friends wedding next month. I am shooting his wedding for free and If I win it I won’t have to bum one like it from my friend.

  71. Jonathan Lopez says

    First thing I will shoot with this lens will be models if not that a music video thats if I win this lens! :)

  72. Fletcher says

    If I get this lens, then I will immediately go and shoot my short horror script I wrote at the beginning of this year. I haven’t been able to because of school and a lack of suitable equipment, please help make it a reality.

  73. Angela W says

    I will shoot my husband and my children together for a Father’s Day gift and some beautiful beach and mountain pictures!

  74. Wes says

    The Tamron 24-70 2.8 would be a great lens for me as I’ve just moved up to full frame and would love to have the wideness of the 2.8, and you also get the added benefit of vibration control.

  75. Sam says

    Ooooh! I always wanted a constant aperture zoom but never had the spare cash to splurge. Winning this lense would be a real upgrade from my current Tamron 18-200 f/3.5-6.3 and really give me the ability to bring my photography to the next level! Hope I win!

  76. Nikolay Kovalyov says

    engaged in a nightclub shooting. very necessary aperture and wide-angle lens. have to shoot on the move. image stabilization system is very necessary. thank you

  77. says

    Jay! I would LOVE to win this lovely lens. I NEED a mid-range fast zoom. All I have are primes. I’m doing more and more weddings now and NEED this lens. Thanks for all you do for use Photographers out there. Keep up the awesome channel and awesome work. Cheers, Joey Joiner

  78. Patrick Gooden says

    I like the light and equipment setup. The add to the ambience of the scene and the instruction gives a sense of relative ease in understanding the theory behind video or making a movie.

  79. Cyd says

    Commenting to say the first thing I’d shoot with a new Tamron lens is a nice landscape down here in the bayou!

  80. joshua barrera says

    would really like to use it for time lapses, just got into the hobby and that interests me greatly. also starting to make short films so that would be cool to use it for as well

  81. says

    As a photography student who has a growing interest in video as well as live events photography where the lighting is typically dark, this lens would be perfect to help me excel and achieve the results I desire.

  82. Grzegorz says

    I own an entry level Tamron lens and it has really amazing price/value tag! First thing I would use this beautiful Tamron SP 24-70mm lens is my family members portraits :)

  83. Tim says

    I have been reading quite a bit on this lens for video. Would love to take it through a field test.

  84. Tom Clapson says

    When i was at film school we always used to shoot on the Tamron lenses they had available my kit would generally be the 10-24 18-200 & 70-300 used to prefer taking these three bad boys over the canon primes any day, just miss them now im having to buy my own gear lol just waiting till i can afford to buy a set of them for my own kit .

  85. says

    The first thing I will shoot with the Tamron 24-70mm will be weddings! I am having a blast shooting a ton of weddings this year and it’s built in image stabilization will definitely help me in low light conditions!

  86. Franklin Z says

    The first thing I would shoot with this lens would be to go to a hill over looking the city, zoom to 70mm, and shoot a nighttime portrait with city lights bokeh in the background.

  87. says

    I’m so eager to try a Tamron lens. I’ve been researching them, and am definitely in the want. I would love to see how this lens adds versatility to my portraiture.

  88. says

    I had the opportunity to test this lens last weekend, and I feel in love with it. Wanted to buy one but can’t afford it these days. Ohh also changed my camera to Canon 5d mark II from a Canon 7D, so all I have as a lens right now is a 50mm 1.8.
    So can’t imagine how badly I want this lens :)

  89. Steven says

    Would love to get my hands on this lens! I’ve been planning some trips to some great locations where this would come in handy!

  90. says

    Now that I have upgraded my DSLR after being a victim of a theft of my camera gear, I can focus on upgrades to my standard lens. The first shots that would be made if I was to win the Tamron would be of the local landscapes here on the east coast of central Florida. After that the Tamron lens would be a vital asset in my Digital Media course of study at the our local college. In fact it would be used in both photography classes as well as the advanced video production class as well. I am looking forward to receiving notification that I was chosen as the luck winner.

  91. Gus Martinez says

    I have read that this lens is actually better than the canon because the vibration control. I will actually improve a lot the quality output of my work!

  92. says

    I’ve never shot with a Tamron lens, but if I win one, It’ll replace my kit lens. I just want a more profession looking and feeling lens that performs.

  93. says

    Tamron lens,i’ve seen it a lot on this show but I have never shot with it, i think tamaron 24-70 is a good lens to shoot video with I have an 50 mm lens that I use for my video shoots is good but I can only imagine what are the posebiletis using this lens..

  94. George says

    I have never used a Tamron lens, but if I win this one, it would be a nice way to start my experience with Tamron lenses. And this Tamron will be a nice replacement for my kit lens.

  95. Marshall says

    My Tamron 17-50mm vc has been my trusty workhorse lens over the years! It’s held up nicely from bumps, rain, lots of moisture and even a really hard fall! But it might be time to upgrade and the new Tamron 24-70mm lens looks impressive!

  96. Nathanael says

    That lens is just one of the best lenses out there, especially for that price.
    It’s sharp, it has an amazing VC and it’s quite durable.

  97. P O'Connor says

    If I win this lens, I’m going to use it for all my everyday shooting and especially my landscape photography.

  98. Jay says

    From what I can tell, this lens would be a huge improvement from a Canon kit lens; that looks like some really nice glass.

  99. Sherwin Laranga says

    I’ve heard great things about this lens mainly the image stabilizer on a standard zoom. Finally. I would like to try it for videos with the 5DMKIII ML Raw Video.

  100. Ryan says

    The Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 VC was my first big lens for my rebel XSi and I never had to replace it with anything else. It’s gone with me on all of my travels and brought me back beautiful memories and creative photos. I’ve upgraded to a 5D and I’d love a Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC to take with me to Hawaii!!

  101. Yael Shulman says

    I’d love to win the Tamron SP 24mm-70mm! This would be the perfect lens for me to use on event shoots, concerts and music video shoots.

  102. says

    I will take this lens with me where ever I go to make shots! and I am fully prepared to bitch slap anyone else who gets in my way!

  103. says

    I have done alot of research on this lens and it sounds incredible. I am an inspiring photographer and would absolutely love to have this lens. This would be my everywhere walk around lens.

  104. Barry (BiGz) Adunmo says

    This lens would really help me with my work im only 17 and in college so i dont have allot of money to afford great lenses but with the one i have i get good results and feedback, thanks

  105. Matthew Maurice says

    I know exactly how I’d use this lens. I’ve been planning on doing a night shoot on a San Francisco street corner with my friend/muse in her new PVC catsuit with gelled strobes and second-curtain sync.

  106. says

    I own a Tamron 17-50 2.8 lens, and it is a great little lens. I use it all of the time. Would love to win this Tamron 24-70 2.8 lens, as it has received great reviews, not only from you, but also from other photogs, and is a stellar lens. Many thanks, Jay P!

  107. Melissa Bowman says

    I plan to take some amazing golden hour shots of the ducks and egrets at the pond by my apartment when I win the Tamron lens!

  108. Spencer says

    I’m taking a trip at the end of next month to the Philippines and plan on using the Tamron 24-70mm for the majority of the trip!

  109. says

    Love Tamron lenses. My first was the 17-50 f/2.8 which I couldn’t read enough good things about. Then I got 2 28-75 f/2.8 for my Sony and Nikons. Absolutely amazing IQ.

  110. Matthew Moran says

    I would love to have this lens for my next trip so I don’t have to switch from one prime to another.

  111. Trofin Gabriel Bogdan says

    This is the first time I take part in a giveaway and I’m verry exited about trying it. I’ve just discovered your site and it seems to have some quite interesting things. I’ll keep checking it every day.

  112. Dianna Coffey says

    I have the 28-75 f/2.8 but this would be an awesome upgrade for my next shoot or wedding.

  113. says

    This Rosco diffusion materials tests were very informative, as is all your tutorials. Thanks. One thing i’d like to know is how to get the models costumes like the Steampunk dress, hat and acessories, do you buy, rent them?

  114. David says

    I have always loved Tamron lenses. Even though I have some Canon lenses which are supposed to be better, the Tamron lenses are my favorites. There’s just something about how they are superb for the background boke that I really like. I love putting the Tamron 572D and just going out to shoot with my Canon 10D. It has been my favorite lens and I am a big fan of the whole Tamron lineup.

  115. says

    Wow this is a great give away thanks in advance. Currently I have the 17-50mm 2.8 non-vc I love it and I love its fixed 2.8 whide aperture. I have the canon 70-200 f/4 but I find myself shooting with the Tamron a lot more.
    If I get the 24-70 lens then this is going to be my free ticket to upgrate to full frame and start shooting more especially with the 3 new speedlights that I am going to get soon.

  116. says

    I already own the old Tamron 70-200mm f2,8 which is a great lens with lots of bang for the buck, even wide open! I would love to replace my crappy 18-55mm with this great lens!

  117. Jennifer says

    I have been saving for this lens! It will make a great addition as I’ve been stepping out into my dream as a wedding photographer. My best to all!

  118. Diane Poff says

    I would love to win this lens. I am just starting out in my business, and could use this lens so badly. thanks

  119. Liza Shepherd says

    I would love to win this lens!! I haven’t used a Tamron lense before but have been tempted to try one. I would of course shoot pictures of my daughter figure skating and her upcoming competitions! Thanks!

  120. says

    I love Tamron lenses. They are affordable, comparable if not better than canon and nikon and great to shoot with. Hope I win this one!

  121. Jennifer says

    Because who WOULDN’T love to have the world’s ONLY full-frame fast aperture standard zoom equipped with built-in image stabilization. It’s a no brainer!

  122. Amelia Benavente says

    If I win this Tamron lens I’m going to go out to the beach and the park and the desert and shoot till I drop dead tired.

  123. alejandro says

    I’m new at photography and I find a little hard to afford a nice lens to improve my bokeh and portraits , this lens would be my most valuable and expensive item in my gear I would take good care of it as I do with all may gear !!! I really hope I can win !!!

  124. Audrey says

    I would love to use this lens on our vacations this summer. Canoeing hiking, traveling to local areas. My husband won’t agree to buy me a good lens so I will try to win!!

  125. Cesar Gonzalez says

    The 24-70 f2.8; the missing link to my world domination plan! BUAHAHAHA!!! Not really. It would however compliment the Tamron 70-200 f2.8 nicely if it ever comes out of back order =/

  126. Ulisses says

    I have a 18-270mm Tamron lens that I like, I have heard a lot about this 24-70mm lens and looking forward to have it!!!

  127. says

    This is a sweet lens! I have several beach shoots w/my models dressed in fashionable gowns and beautiful beach locations. Cant wait to capture the beauty with this lens, and my full frame !!!

  128. Ray says

    I’m working on a short film…if I’m lucky enough to score this lens it would be the icing on the cake. Favorite slanted lens tutorial is making breakable glass.

  129. says

    Hello just wanted to give you a qujick heads up.
    The words in yoir post seem too be running off the screen
    in Internet explorer. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with
    internest browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you
    know. The style and design look great though! Hope you get
    the problem resolved soon. Many thanks

  130. oliver says

    I’m so excited about my new Tamron 24-70 lens. I love this thing production value up x10. Thank you Tamron. Thank you, The Slanted Lens.

  131. Jason Ortaliz Joquino says

    hi sir JP Morgan,i want to try this tamron 24-70mm on shooting wedding and think its a good quality lens,thank you so much


  1. […] The idea for this post came from this giveaway of a Tamron 24-70mm f2,8 lens, done by The Slanted Lens and Tamron. The chances now stand at 14 to 8460, so I´m getting my hopes up! Here is the link if you would like to partake yourself […]

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