High Speed Sync and How It Works

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Why High Speed Sync? To understand high speed sync, we need to understand how shutters work. Most camera shutters are two curtains that open and close. I know there are some cameras with a leaf shutter but that is for a different lesson. At speeds slower than 1/125th, or 1/60th depending on your camera, the […]

Vintage Portraits on a Budget

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For a couple years now, I have been shooting a portrait series I call Time Period; it is an art series that allows me to look back a how people lived their lives in past times. I love history and this gives me the opportunity to live in a different time period, if only for a few hours. My goal is to create portraits that look like they were taken by me as if I were there in that time. It is a fun process, but can be an expensive one. Shooting for different time periods means that you need props, wardrobe and locations that fit and if you aren’t careful, these can all drive the cost way up. Today I am out at Herber Valley Air Museum for a portrait with a WWII pilot in front of his airplane and I want to give you four tips that will help you set up a vintage portrait shoot like this one without breaking the bank.