First Day on the Slopes?

First Time Skier?

This shot was done on the same set as the Sumo Skiers. I wanted to do a skying shot we we left the backdrop up for several days. We moved the backdrop back and fourth to create the blur. There was tungsten light on the Back drop and I let the shutter go for a […]

I Lost My Keys!

Andy Dick - Head in Fishbowl

We shot this image of Andy Dick for Comedy Central. It was part of a print and video campaign. It was a very simple set up. We welded a metal structure with a cross beam. Andy put on a pair of gravity boots and hung upside down. He was a little freaked out at first […]

Ernie’s Whale Watching: No One Gets You Closer!

Ernie's Whale Watching photocomic Ernie’s Whale Watching: No One Gets You Closer. I shot in these water tanks all the time. In this shot, the whale was made out of green foam and painted. The backdrop was hung and lit with 3 heads. The heads on background had diffusion and blue gels. The water was sprayed form large […]

Plastic Shark Attack


This set was built for Disneyland. We shot Mickey Mouse surfing on the wave. It was funny because when Mickey walked out of the dressing room in his costume ready to go I suggested that they take Mickey’s head off so we could get him into place. There was panic in the room. I was […]

Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks!

man under bricks

This image was shot for Kodak. The copy line was, “When an image hits you like a ton of bricks.” It took an elaborate setup to make it happen. The set was built with holes for the man to wiggle his arms and hands out of under the bricks. I was in a crow’s nest, […]

Warner Bros Western


Nothing funny but just a cool photo to make. We shot at Warner Brothers in the Western town which is torn down now. We created the rain and brought the horse and rider in. I do love shooting a Western theme.