Mastering Strobe Lighting DVD

Beginning to Advanced Studio Strobe Lighting Instructional DVD

by Jay P. Morgan

DVD cover Mastering Srobe Lighting

A Step-by-step instruction by professional commercial photographer and instructor Jay P. Morgan on what to buy and how to master strobe lighting.




You will learn:

  • 14 different lighting set-ups
  • Which strobes to buy
  • Which strobes fit your style of shooting
  • How to use mono blocks
  • How to use pack & head systems
  • Which sync system will work best for you
  • Syncing with the shutter
  • How to make a corrector exposure
  • How to light a face
  • How to shoot with a one light set up
  • How to set up & shoot with a 3 light set-up
  • Understanding the exposure triangle
  • How to control light
  • How to use modifiers
  • Which modifiers to buy
  • Why buy a beauty dish & more!

DVD Also Includes 5 Bonus Segments
(not included in digital download)

Understanding the Beauty Dish
Soft boxes 101
Soft boxes applied
Portrait lighting for photography & video
Photographic lighting made simple

Product Details:

Single DVD
Approximate Length: 84 minutes
Shipping & Handling Fee: about $5.00 per DVD for US orders / International shipping is calculated in the shopping cart.
You can pay with a credit card through PayPal – No PayPal account required



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We know you will learn a lot with our DVD. If you any reason you are not 100% happy with your purchase please email shop(at) with your order details and we will refund your order.

If you are have troubles with your download or your package has not shown up yet, please contact us at shot(at)

About Jay P.

With more than two decades of experience Jay P. Morgan brings to his commercial studio two special qualities: a keen appreciation of the bizarre and a knack for flawlessly executing elaborate shots. As a result, the studio’s signature style– imaginative, highly staged “vignettes” which typically flout every convention from gravity to propriety– has won national and international recognition as well as a steady roster of major clients. The disarming freshness and outlandish perspective make the work interesting and visually arresting. Morgan’s style is very effective at commanding attention in advertising, sales and marketing.

$79.95 – DVD  


$59.95 – Download 


  1. offiong says

    good morning, sir i really do love your works especially you are a props photographer.i follow your tutorials on you tube, please am in Nigeria and am trying to order for the download version of mastering strobe lighting but my country is not included,please can you help thanks.

    • SOLA says

      I have always want to have this Download. Presently Paypal is In Nigeria So Saving Up :)… High Time to get the word out to Nigerians willing to Pay.. Paypal is now opened to Nigerians…

  2. Alex says

    I’m presuming there’s supposed to be more in the store than just this DVD?.. the store link at the top of the page goes directly here.

  3. Perez says

    Trying to find out about the diy shoulder rig where can I find the curved pieces of pvc looked everywhere can’t find them

  4. Leo says


    While I am super interested in getting the video, is there a way to get the DVD and the Download item too? I would like to get the download now, but I don’t like the idea of paying another 90 bucks for a DVD to get access to the special additions.

    I live in Australia and it normally takes 2-3 weeks for things to arrive.


  5. Isaac says

    I’m in Melbourne Australia and by accident, I stumbled on one of Jay’s videos. I wasn’t even looking for anything related to photography but I think it was meant to happen. I was looking at a totally different genre and Jay’s video: “How to know you’re ready” (something along those lines) came up. I watched the short clip and I felt a deep guilt inside of me. For about 10months, I’ve owned one of the best DSLR cameras out there (pretty good for a novice like me) and I then collected 2 lenses (a Sigma wide-angle + an indoor Canon lens). I hardly use them and that’s where my guilt stems from. I have 2 beautiful kids (aged 1 & 3). I’m close to tears now because I’ve been “point-shooting” just using auto-focus on my DSLR. I know I’m not getting anywhere near even starting to getting the benefits of the equipment I have. I feel sad because my kids will start to grow up and I fear their I’m missing their milestones/major moments which I could be capturing as they grow up. The more time flies, the more moments are lost and never to be regained.

    I’m taking the family on holiday to the US next fortnight and it feels like an opportunity to take my DSLR with me and try manual shooting. I’m very very low in confidence and I feel a lot has passed me by, plus because I’m really busy, plus childcare (helping with taking care of the children) it gets easy for me to put photo shooting to one side. I bought the equipments in the first place because deep inside, I know there is a part of me that likes photography and the creativity. I play the piano and generally creativity does interest me. But I don’t know where to start. If I know anything at all, it is that I have a genuine interest in shooting and I’m not driven by money.

    I really need someone who can help me. I will be very grateful if you could send this message to Jay. I’ll be so grateful to have his email. I got an instant connection to him. That makes all the difference for me. Hector, I will be so grateful if Jay can contact me. This is my first time on this website and I don’t how to check for updates/replies from this post. Could you please reply to my email ([email protected]). I will be looking forward to hearing from you or Jay very soon

    Many Thanks

    Melbourne, Australia

  6. Steven Emanuel says

    Hi Hector:

    I just ordered the physical DVD of Mastering Studio Strobe Lighting. I’m assuming you’ll do the same deal for me as you offered to “Leo from Australia” (even though I’m boringly just from New York USA). . So please email me a code for the download version of MSSL.

    Larchmont NY USA

  7. Karsten says

    Hello Hector,

    i just bought the DVD, but i guess, it will take a while to be here in Germany, so could you send me the download-link too, so i can start right away with Jays Instructions?

    Thank you


  8. Devona Jefferson says

    On February 16, 2015, I ordered the Mastering Studio Strobe Lighting DVD. I never received a confirmation or tracking number for this item. It has been over a week and i have not received the DVD. I would like to know when I will be receiving the disk. Thank you.

  9. Devona says

    I am very upset. I purchased the Mastering Strobe Lighting DVD and it is defective. Part of the DVD has no sound. Furthermore, the DVD skips the beginning and starts approximately 3 minutes into the instruction. I need to know how this problem can be fixed. I needed the instruction provided by the DVD ASAP. I need assistance with this issue.

    Thank you

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