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Combining LEDs and Tungsten Lights

We are shooting a woman lying on a bed of garbage for a company called Mini Bini. We will combine NorthStar LED lights with tungsten lights to create a dreamy look.


Dynalite XP-800 Inverter Giveaway!

We are excited to have an awesome giveaway this month sponsored by Dynalite. We are giving away an XP-800 Pure Sine Wave Inverter ($999 retail).

creating a retro mummy image final

Creating a Retro Mummy Image

We are shooting out at the old LA Zoo in Griffith Park. We are creating a retro mummy image by shooting a campy, B-movie image of a mummy chasing some explorers in a cave with only a torch for light.

photographers on linkedin

Photographers on LinkedIn

Join Jay P Morgan and me as we talk about using LinkedIn to get work and connections. Learn what types of photographers or videographers might benefit from LinkedIn and which ones should spend their time using other social media.

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