Balancing Strobes with a Setting Sun: A Lighting Tutorial!

By Jay P. Morgan
“They say you shouldn’t judge a book by a cover, but everyone of us who buys a book spends a few seconds looking at the title and the cover. Not only that, publishers know that readers also flip the book over and look at the picture of the author. That’s why more and more authors and publishers are viewing the author photo as a marketing opportunity. The author photo is just another opportunity to tell a story. An author who takes a simple portrait is telling a story, but it’s probably something like, “There is a reason this guy isn’t a model.”
Today’s photo shoot is for Robert L. Harding. Robert has written a Thriller called, Death of the Wayang, set in Indonesia, and we wanted to show something strong and action-oriented in the photo. Robert likes airplane and is a student pilot. We had an opportunity to shoot at historic Santa Paula airport surrounded by beautiful scenery, a number of vintage aircraft, including this Steerman Biplane, and framed by a gorgeous California sunset. This lesson shows how we balanced our strobes with a setting sun to get an interesting author portrait.
Keep those cameras rolling, and keep on click’n.


  1. David Buffington says

    I have learned a lot from your tutorials and I sure appreciate them, I have one question, I hear you using a program calling it niksoft, what kind of a program is that and where could it be purchased from?

    Thank You David Buffington

  2. David Buffington says

    I found The nick collection and used the demo, and afterwords bought a copy for my desktop, and laptop, Wow what a time saver, and awesome plugin…Thank you for telling me how to get it. It has saved me Tons of work…David Buffington.

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