Making a Shoulder Rig: DIY Equipment

Welcome to a new segment of The Slanted Lens lessons called DIY Equipment. In these segments we will be teaching you how to make affordable equipment with parts that are easy to obtain and construct. We are starting with a Shoulder Rig created by our cameraman and cinematographer Lars Lindstrom. In fact we call the rig “The Lars Cam”. It is very convenient to use and you can make it for under $10. The rig is smooth to operate and has been used throughout our Slanted Lens lessons. It helps to stabilize your camera and get rid of the rolling shutter effect that is so common in DSLR cameras.

This shoulder rig parts breakdown to 9 inches by 8 inches in size and consists of 5 pieces of 1-inch wide PVC pipes put together with a drill and a few screws. You can make the rig yourself for only $10 as it is described in the tutorial or you can order a ready to assemble kit online at for only $25.

We hope that you will enjoy this affordable piece of equipment as much as we do! Keep those cameras rolling and keep on click’n.



  1. Timothy Culley says

    Do you all still sell the DIY Shoulder Rig? I would like to buy one if you do. Thanks, Tim Culley

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