Fantasy Portrait – Lighting Tutorial

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Today on the Slanted Lens we are going to break down a fantasy portrait we did of Nadia Dawn in her Day of the Dead make-up. We will look at the crew that was needed and the camera settings, use of smoke machines as well as the location. Then we will move on to the lighting breakdown. When doing heavy make up for a photo shoot like this we will need a professional make up artist. We also found a lighter dress for the talent to stand out against the background. We scheduled to shoot at a cemetery that canceled on us last minute, so we rented out a bunch of head stones and proceeded with production by shooting in our backyard. We used a Rosco 1900 smoker for background smoke and a Rosco 1700 smoker with a chill box for the foreground smoke that is laying on the ground. These two sources of smoke are hard to keep under control but we were able to light them efficiently and create a great fantasy portrait.

Fantasy Portrait | Lighting Tutorial


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  1. Chris says

    Wow, great shots. I have never thought about using smoke before. You could probably just get away with some dry ice for a small amount. Thanks!


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