Shooting Simple Stunts on Set – Video Tutorial

Please visit to watch the final commercial for the non-profit Fiji 4 Sight – A Beeve Foundation.

From Jay P Morgan,

Today we are on set for a Fiji 4 Sight commercial by The Beeve Foundation promoting non-profit eye care in Fiji. This is an interesting project to work on that called for shooting simple stunts. That’s what we want to focus on today – how to create and edit stunts for your video work.
Creating stunts is challenging and exciting, and needs special coordination and planning during the pre-production and production processes to make the editing and final product look real and seamless.
Every single stunt is based on the “cause and effect” model. When a person falls down the stairs there needs to be something that causes him to trip – that’s your cause. Then the fall itself is the effect. So both of these moments need to be captured on camera properly to make it more real for the audience and so they won’t be disoriented.
We have two main stunt sequences that we created. First, we have a guy falling down the stairs in an apartment building. Second, we have a guy in the park being hit in the face by a frisbee. Both stunts came out very well thanks to our wonderful talent Will and our stunt coordinator Alex. Hope you found these tips helpful. Keep those cameras rolling and keep on clickn’.

shooting simple stunts - tutorial


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  1. Jay says

    Jay, I enjoy all your videos thoroughly. Can you make videography tutorials as a separate channel ? I would like to learn pre production steps on film making. Things to look for when writing script, how to break down script into shot lists and how to make story board out of shot list.

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